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Top Things to Do in Lévis, Quebec

Lévis, Quebec, is a charming city known for its natural beauty and rich history. Below is a quick guide to the top sights and activities to enjoy in the area.

1. Enjoy the Scenic Views: Start your visit with a ferry ride along the St. Lawrence River for breathtaking views of Lévis and Quebec City. Ferries operate frequently, and evening rides offer particularly magical views.

2. Visit a Historic Train Yard: Head to Joffre Yard in Charny to explore a historic roundhouse and the Charny railway station, an important stop on the Montreal-Quebec line. It’s a must-visit for train enthusiasts.


3. Step Back in Time: Take a stroll through Saint Nicolas, one of Canada’s oldest cathedrals, which dates back to 1694. The historic buildings and river views will transport you back in time.


4. Get to know the St. Lawrence River: Drive along the Route des Navigateurs, a picturesque route that runs alongside the St. Lawrence River, featuring several charming parks in Lévis. It’s a wonderful way to explore the area.


Photo taken from above of a tour boat with tourists passing between islands at Thousand Islands National Park, St Lawrence River, located between Ontario Canada and New York State USA.

5. Walk Across the Quebec Bridge: Experience the Quebec Bridge on foot. As the longest cantilever span in the world, it offers fantastic panoramic views of the river and its surroundings.

Additionally, don’t miss visiting Chaudière Falls, located just off Route 75 near Charny. This beautiful waterfall offers great viewpoints and nature trails. Be sure to check out the suspension bridge for a unique perspective.

You may also want to consider visiting the Lévis Forts, especially Fort No. 1, a National Historic Site. Take a guided tour to learn about military history and explore the star-shaped fort and its underground chambers.

In conclusion, Lévis offers the ideal blend of history and nature, from scenic ferry rides and historic forts to beautiful waterfalls and picturesque trails. Plan your trip and uncover the charm of this lovely city.